Climax Brewing

Life is better when you have a Climax Brewing

The Who

Located in Climax, Saskatchewan, we are in the process of opening a brewery deep in rural Saskatchewan. When open, Climax will be one of the smallest communities, by population, in the world to host a brewery and definitely the smallest in Canada to do so.

At this stage, the brewery is in the development stage. Websites are being built (obviously), corporations are being registered, recipes are being refined, and financing is being put into place. Soon, the official application to Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming will be filed and inspections will occur.

The Team

Mark Taylor – Having worked at the original Brewsters and The Bushwakker, both in Regina, during his university days Mark started developing a passion for craft beer. That passion was further fuelled over the last decade during the craft beer expansion in Alberta.

Having relocated back to Saskatchewan, he is wanting to put his entrepreneurial hat back on and bring craft beer to smaller communities in southwest Saskatchewan… to be honest, he just wants to make sure he still has easy access to good beer!

Beth Taylor – Beth has always had an appreciation for great wine and good tequila but, after meeting Mark, she started to enjoy craft beer as well.

Also having returned to Saskatchewan and with a background in starting and running businesses from scratch, Beth’s also getting excited to bring craft beer to those folks who grow the grains that are brewed around the world.


We like good beer and it’s hard to get in rural Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan grows some of the best malt barley in the world. Breweries around the planet use our crops to make beer yet our local communities don’t get to enjoy local craft beer because it’s challenging to open a brewery in rural Saskatchewan. In fact, only 6 of Saskatchewan’s 25 microbreweries are located outside of Regina or Saskatoon.  What’s even crazier is that neighboring Montana has over 90 breweries for a population the same size as Saskatchewan.

Rural beer drinkers deserve to have easy access to quality beer.

Plus, how can you pass on the opportunity to open a business called “Climax Brewing”??? The name of the village has been generating giggles for decades so why not have some fun with it. Who doesn’t want to have a Climax Brewing?


The Beer

We’re going to be brewing more traditional English-style beers. There is going to be more malt (grain and biscuit flavors) focus in the beers while using more floral flavored hops versus the citrus flavoured ones. We’re aiming to make consistently good beer that makes you feel like you’re sitting in a pub in England.

Gold Ale

This one is for those commercial beer drinkers who automatically grab a yellow, fizzy beer. Blonde in color, easy on the hops, and a good gateway beer to craft beer.

Bitter Ale

You have to know that the British weren’t that creative with beer names. Bitter only means more bitter than a pale/gold ale but its far less bitter than a pilsner or an IPA. This one is red in color with a nice balance of English hops and biscuit flavors. Lower alcohol means you can enjoy this one for a while.

Rye Brown

It’s our personal take on a traditional brown ale and was the basis of our wedding beer (yep, we got married in a brewery). You get all the malt and coffee flavors you normally have in a brown ale but a hint of peppery spice. It’s the beer you grab when the weather isn’t so sunny and warm.

Smoked Porter

This is dark ale using a lot of dark malts to get the tastes and flavours a little more robust than a brown ale. We’ve added some smoked malt to add a little extra flavor and it’s a great beer to have with BBQ’d meats.



Ok, this isn’t a traditional English beer. Sure, India Pale Ales were initially English but this is brewed more like a US West Coast IPA… a big hop punch but we balanced it with some sweeter malts and rye for a bit of spice.

The Opportunity

Starting a brewery isn’t cheap otherwise every home brewer would do it. However, this is more than a hobby. It’s a passion and we’ve got experience starting up and running successful businesses.

We will be opening up investment opportunities soon once our investment deck has been finalized. If you are interested in learning more about getting involved in the start-up, email us at

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